The Middle School Charges Itself with Having a No-Trash Lunch on Thursday

Last week during the MS Meeting for Worship/Business we were visited by a group of Early School students and we were presented with a letter--which can be read below in a previous post.  The Early Schoolers had gone on a trash walk around the middle school and were not happy with what they found!  They charged the Middle School to clean up their act, get trash in the trash cans, recyclables in the recycle bins, and compost items in the compost.  And to top it all off, the Early Schoolers promised to make a surprise visit to check up on us!

So today, during this week's Meeting for Worship/Business, Rachel and Mig's Advisee Groups charged the middle school with having a no-trash lunch on Thursday (tomorrow) -- much like the Early School has been working on.  This means bringing your lunch (if possible!) in containers or otherwise such that you don't leave or create any trash.

We are even stretching ourselves to be mindful of our trash all day long.  So today (Wednesday), we cleaned out trash cans and turned them upside down -- they will not be used at all tomorrow!  There will be one large trash can that will be located in the center of the Middle School that we will all use.  Check the pictures below of the trash cans in Leon's room, my room, and even the Staff Room!  Also check out the amount of trash that the Middle School produced just today--it's the last picture posted on this.

So, I and the rest of the MS Staff am pumped about this experiment tomorrow!  Check back here to see how we did!


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