Whew! Go David!

Just reading this from 2 Cents Worth - David Warlick's blog... so good I had to copy and paste it into my own... (direct quote)

We’re talking about our children...and let’s face it, we’re talking about nothing less than institutionalizing “child labor” to satisfy a failed belief that higher standardized test scores will reliably lead to a stronger economy, more prosperous citizens, and a vibrant democracy. What it leads to is boredom, ca lapsing morale among our best teachers, children without passion, children dropping out, and a growing and prospering testing industry.

from "Let's just put them all in jail 24/7"

In fact, do go back and read the whole thing. It's worth it. Worth WAY more than 2 cents.

On a sidenote, I have no idea where the cents symbol is on my keyboard anymore... how sad is that?


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