Reflections on an iPad

Here it is! The iPad. Yesterday I picked up my 64GB, wi-fi enabled iPad from NCSU - where I'm doing my graduate work in instructional technology. I've only had it for about 12 hours... but it is already challenging me to rethink the way I handle computing.

My first struggle was having to plug it into iTunes and letting it sync up before actually being able to get my hands on it. That took forever because I forgot to uncheck that little box that says "transfer everything under the sun including all of those old useless apps you had on your iPhone" before I clicked the sync button. So I sat, for what seemed like an hour, watching those apps load. I know I could have stopped it, but this being my first time syncing an iPad - I wanted to err on the side of transferring everything rather than not enough.

Fast forward to me on the couch last night going app by app (I had well over 5 full pages of apps) trying to figure out which ones work on the iPad and which ones look funny. Don't get me wrong - it was enjoyable getting to simply touch the iPad... over and over and over again...

So far the iPad is really challenging the way I think about my computing habits. What do I rely on my iPad for? Where does my iPhone fit in? My poor little Macbook is in my bag looking lonely now!

Will try to keep posting thoughts and reflections on here as I learn and experience more with the iPad. Who knows where this will end up!

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