Why I get my best ideas in the shower...

Just came across this tweet from @c4lpt about an article on why people get their best ideas in the shower.

Not really sure I agree with all of them - but many do speak to why I think best in the shower.  My favorites:

4. The rush of water creates a kind of "white noise" that makes concentration easier.

6. Water is associated with "contemplation" (i.e. sitting near a river, lake, or ocean.)

9. You can write your ideas on the walls with a water soluble pen. (Never actually thought about this... but now I want water soluble pens!)

10. There's not a lot of judgment or analysis going on in a shower.

13. Showering is a relaxing and stress free experience. With nothing to stress about, your mind is free to roam new territories.

15. It's hard to check your iphone or Blackberry in a shower.

20. Showering is easy. Not a lot of thinking is required to make it happen, which frees your mind to think about other things.


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