I love complementary toiletries

I love complimentary toiletries.

When packing to go on a trip it usually takes me about half the time it takes others and I think it has to do with my philosophy on toiletries in general.

I am not that emotionally attached to my toiletries: deodorant sprays, razors, soaps, hair products, etc. So when I pack for travels, all I basically need is a toothbrush.

I'm kind of infamous (with Rick at least) at my obsession with complimentary toiletries. I remember as a kid being fascinated when we went and stayed in hotels and I discovered that they provided soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions for their guests. All free of charge. There aren't many thing-things in life that are still free. And now as an adult, I fully partake in the philosophy of complementary toiletries (CT).

Before Rick, I was actually a pseudo-psycho about my CT. I all but had a catalog of my CTs. You could open each drawer in my bathroom and find enough CTs to last an individual (me) for years. And they did!

I love change. I like mixing things up. And I read somewhere - isn't that great? Somewhere?! - that changing up your shampoo and conditioner every once in awhile is actually good for your hair. Thus, my obsession with CTs was validated.

It was fascinating which hotels/lodgings used which brands of CTs and the scents that they selected to represent their companies. You know that there have to have been committee meetings and a strategic planning flow charts created that identified these selections. What does this scent say about our guests? Will they find it attractive or offensive? (Or at least in my imagined fantasy land of how corporate hotel managers fill their workday with such conversations.)

Even better is when you stay at a commonly branded hotel and their CTs change. Who complained about that? How many people had to submit comment forms before they sent out the email to all managers that it was time to reestablish the task force?

I just love the whole idea of CTs. You've come to get away, or you have to be away, from your home and they've already taken care of half the decisions you have to make when getting ready to travel. Why don't more people take advantage of such a fabulous service?

I don't collect the CTs anymore. One reason is that if you're trying to simplify your life and get rid of your clutter, having thousands of little bottles laying around in your bathroom drawers just doesn't line up with that objective. The second reason is that Rick would nag me and make fun of me endlessly.

So now, when we travel, Rick packs his toiletries and I purposefully leave mine at home now. Part of the excitement for me now about traveling is what kind of new CTs I'll get to use.

That's actually what prompted this synaptic misfire. ;) We're here at Bald Head and our house actually has orange scented CTs. And they may be the best things I've ever smelled.

Even as I type this I'm getting excited about our next trip... What CTs will they have there?? :)


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