The Magic of Disney Animation

I'm fresh off a weekend trip to Disney World.  (My husband and I are immense Disney fans.)  We met up with one of our friends while we were there who introduced us to The Magic of Disney Animation - an attraction that we had never visited before in our many trips down to visit the Mouse.

In essence, the experience is a 20-minute drawing class led by a cast member.  In the 20 minutes, you are guided/taught, step-by-step, how to draw a Disney character.  They rotate characters every day, so you've basically got a 90% chance of getting a new character each time you attend.  We agreed to go in just for the fun of it.  Fast forward three hours and four Disney Characters later. ;)

When you walk in the room, you take a seat at an animator's table that includes a backlight, a stool, and a pencil... with no eraser.  Once everyone is settled, the lights dim and a camera begins projecting the image of the leader's sheet of paper.

We were reminded multiple times in the 20 minutes that our drawing was going to just be a rough draft, a "sloppy-messy" copy.  And the leader took us, shape by shape and line by line through drawing whatever character had been selected for that time.

I have never considered myself a drawer or artistic/creative with drawing before in my life.  I don't doodle on my papers and I don't draw for fun.But there was something in this experience that allowed me to reflect on myself as someone who can draw - especially when I had incredible guidance and support and I was encouraged to make it my own and to experiment.  (And I know there are a lot of "ands" in that sentence and I'm okay with it.)

It isn't about the final-final, perfect ending.  It's about the process.

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