Showing Up

A quick point that came to me last night as I stepped back onto my yoga mat after (years?!) awhile away.  My yoga mat had always been right there, waiting and leaning against the wall for me - but even the sight of it starting me in the face from the corner of the living room wasn't enough to make me unroll it and get back to my practice.

Until last night.

Saving you from the gory details, it's time for me to get back in touch with my body through some mindful walking and yoga - for not just physical health but also spiritual/emotional well-being.

Something very interesting happened to me last night as I pushed the coffee table out of the way, and unrolled and stepped onto the mat.

Almost instantly there was a shift in myself - in my mind and in my body.  I had been here before.  It was like an overwhelming muscle memory of calm.

It occurred to me in that moment that so much of life is just about showing up and being there.  As soon as I showed up for myself on the yoga mat, boom, it came back to me and I was drawn back into my practice.

Think of the professor/teacher who notes that (in general) if you just show up for class, you'll be fine.  (Showing up here, however, isn't just physically being present.  It's actually being present.)

One of my old advisees chose this phrase as his guiding words for the year his final year in middle school.  The choosing of a word activity to guide your school year I learned from Renee Prillaman, the Head Teacher of the middle school at Carolina Friends School, because each staff member in our beginning-of-the-year-meetings used to pick words/phrases to guide our years.  In fact, I still to this day practice this: this year's word is transformation.

Back to my advisee.  He was incredible smart, well-liked, a little mischievious, and (as expected?) often didn't meet his full potential.  Through a conversation with him, he was the one who named that for him to be successful in his final year of middle school he would need to "show up" for all of his classes, friends, brother, and ultimately, himself.  These words were his guide for a very successful year.

Today I've been thinking about the ways and activities in my life that I choose to "show up" for - and it's the impetus for this reflection.

This afternoon/evening will be day two of my return to yoga... hopefully I'll choose to show up.


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