Social media harms relationships?

A quick post to share something that moved me this afternoon.  My husband started following Davey Wavey's Talky Blog some time ago and, to be honest, I turned my nose up... until recently.

In short, this guy blogs regularly (text and video) and he is totally, 100% authentic ... no holes barred.  I think his blatant honest (and the fact that he video blogs in his underwear) offended my Puritan ways.  (Errr??!)

But as I said, I've recently really started to follow him: on his blog, on YouTube, Twitter, and on Facebook - which brings me to the point of this post.

I'm not sure exactly how and when and where he shares this, but at some point in his videos and his blogs he shares about how he loves his viewers.  Most people probably smile and think, "Yeah, right" and move on with life.  There is tons of research out there (some legitimate and other just heresy and people full of hot air and way too much free time) about how social media and technology is ruining our social institutions.  And - to be clear - I'm not 100% sure that there aren't things that are lost as we shift to the online world.

And then I read this today when I was checking up on Facebook:

Davey Wavey Facebook status
Davey Wavey Facebook status

I was beside myself.  And those comments and likes underneath it?  You should check them out.  Talk about restoring your faith in humanity.

If you get a chance, go check out Davey Wavey.  Don't write him off when you first get there ... give it some time.


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