Barefoot technology

Vibrim Five Fingers
I just love that name - barefoot technology. It's so oxymoronic. ;)

So the Kruger-Ross house is all a-flutter with shoes that aren't really shoes. There is just something highly satisfying about being two technology geeks embracing shoes that are seemingly anti-technology. At least, technology in the traditional sense - you know, progress, moving forward and all that.

But these shoes are a huge step backwards - a back to basics of sorts. And we love them. And people love talking to us about them. The topic of my allergy test today? The shoes.

On a semi-related note, we got my dad (who is a serious runner) some Nike barefoot technology shoes. These things are no joke and weigh almost nothing. And - the true test - my dad has reported that running in these shoes has resulted in pain-free exercise for the past week.

What think ye? Back to barefoot?


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