Stop Predicting - Start Creating

First off - Happy New Year!  Change is good, change is constant.  The transition to a new year is a great time for reflection.

This is also the time of looking back lists and the obsession with predictions.

Top ten technologies that will take the classroom by storm... Five things politicians are promising (ha!)... Twenty expectations for the blah blah blah...

I have some comments on this, obviously. ;)

To begin, I'm not interested in looking back all that often.  If I really need to I'll us this fantastic invention called Google.

And more importantly, stop predicting... and start creating.  Start making things happen.

Those creating predictions are sitting on the sidelines, looking on and commenting about what's so and what they think might happen.  Get up off the bleachers, get on the court, and start creating the future.

Moral of the story -- get off the internet, stop reading predictions and look backs, and start doing something that actually matters.  Creating.


Happy New Year!


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