The Minimalist Wave

This was bound to happen, of course.  I've been reading about simplicity and minimalism for years now, and Rick has just recently really started to get into it as well.  For the past few weeks I could feel the surge pulling back and the wave building and building... and then... bam!  We started attacking the closets.

Going Minimalist

We actually did all four closets: the one in the study, the front closet, the guest bathroom closet, and our closet.  Holy mackerel did we have a lot of clothes.  Check out those empty hangers.

I think at last count we had gotten rid of 18 or 19 bags of stuff.  Years and years and years of stuff.  If you follow me on Twitter you know my obsession with any show that talks about and tries to rehabilitate hoarders.  Whew - it was almost like one of those shows!  (Me: "When's the last time you used that?" Rick: "A couple of years ago." Me: "And when did you get this?" Rick: "Well, let's see... I'm 24, subtract the 3... about 14 years ago." Me: "And it's time to say goodbye."

There are many people to thank for helping us reach the conclusion to seriously examine our relationship with our stuff and I've listed them below.  It's taken me two weeks to actually get the pictures up and to sit down and write this post - I'll keep posting as we go on our journey.

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