The kids will revolt

I have just recently added The Daily Papert to my Google Reader - and by the second day I have to share this on my own blog.

Today's quote (March 2, 2011):

“I’m saying that it is inconceivable that school as we’ve known it will continue. Inconceivable. And the reason why it’s inconceivable is that little glimmer with my grandson who is used to finding knowledge when he wants to and can get it when he needs it, and can get in touch with other people and teachers, not because they are appointed by the state, but because he can contact them in some network somewhere. These children will not sit quietly in school and listen to a teacher give them predigested knowledge. I think that they will revolt.”

How powerful is that! And from the 1980s!

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  1. I so agree with you! If we (I'm a school superintendent) don't meet kids in their own digital worlds, we will be completely irrelevant to them in short order! Your position is really at the heart of my own blog. Not trying to self-promote, here, just making a connection in case you are interested. All the best! John

  2. Thanks for the comment! I will most assuredly start following what you're up to on your blog. Adding it to my Google Reader!


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