Ah, those Germans

Do you know where we get the word bank from?

No Googling allowed.

The Germans. Back in the day it became quite cumbersome to have to carry around your gold and silver. So, there were these men that used to sit on benches and trade you your gold/silver for pieces of paper that represented the amount of gold/silver that you owned. What's the German word for bench?


This is just one little tidbit of many that I've encountered in the past month or so that has proven to me that we are incredibly unaware of the massive amount of influence German culture has on us.

I'll be doing quite a bit more research into this soon.

And - for those of you wondering - I got that bank tidbit from listening to John Searle's (Berkeley) lectures on the philosophy of society. Go to OpenCulture and poke around and you'll find it. It's also on iTunesU for those so inclined.


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