D23 Scavenger Hunt - Take that Amazing Race

We just recently completed the D23 Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt and out of 520 teams came in 15th. If you check out the results page you can download the scores (we're team 508) and if you scroll to the bottom you'll find a picture of us snapped at Animal Kingdom. It was hard, hot, and my feet still hurt. But it was also a ton of fun. ;)


  1. Other than good shoes, what tips do you have? I saw the winners had a local who went to the parks every night... how do you compete? Who watches you and insures you're following the rules? what help can you get, if any and did you have to go to all the places or were you able to solve some just by knowing?

  2. Have a strategy! There are many folks from D23 who enforce the rules - and cast members are also informed so that they can be on the lookout. You cannot get any help - you have to do the work yourself or from your prior knowledge.

    We heard that the top team had weekly virtual conferences to prepare... so maybe that's a tip to consider!

  3. [...] D23 Scavenger Hunt – Take that Amazing Race [...]


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