Different ways of knowing... how could I forget?!

[caption id="attachment_633" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Non-Western Perspectives on Learning & Knowing"]Non-Western Perspectives on Learning & Knowing[/caption]

How on earth I forgot this book, I'm not quite sure.  I think it must have fallen by the side when I was photo'ing those others.

It won't come as a riotous shock that I'm aiming to be somewhat of a renegade social scholar - or I already am ... - but I have an obsession with epistemological and ontological questions and assumptions that this book was amazing for nourishing.  It provided authors from indigenous cultures across the world to share their conceptualizations including: Islam, American Indian, Hindu, Maori, Buddhist, African (Botswana), Latin America, and Confucianism.

Want to read more about indigenous knowledge?  Keep reading here - even though I'm not as familiar with "indigenous intellectual property"... stick to the top of the page.


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