Teacher as Artist by Pat Dalton

I spent the greater part of the evening mulling over my thoughts, beliefs, and preconceived notions regarding professional development. You see, I had professional development marked off in an entirely different part of my brain from the teaching section. The PD was getting a little too... technical. And lacking creativity.

That's when I thought of this piece of writing. I knew I had it somewhere... and digging under the kitchen sink through my files I found it.

Teacher as Artist. By Pat Dalton.

In the midst of my undergrad years I clamored to get my hands on anything my mentors had written. When I asked Pat about her own experiences as an author/writer, she shrugged it off and mentioned a few things she had composed, but considerably downplayed the idea of herself as an author. The next time I saw her, she had made me a copy of the piece I've linked below as a PDF.

Oh, how I loved Pat. And, goodness, how I miss her.

Teacher as Artist [ pdf ]

And, just for fun and memories, some pictures from long ago. The first was in January 2004 and the second was May 2006.

Pat Road Trip




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