Letting go of Preface to Plato

I pulled Preface to Plato by Eric Havelock as another "to read" to help me fully grasp Plato's The Republic, but I'm going to have to let it go back to the library. There's just too many other books that need to be read now... maybe sometime in the future!

At SFU:  http://troy.lib.sfu.ca/record=b1330681

Table of Contents

Part One - The Image-Thinkers

I. Plato on Poetry

II. Mimesis

III. Poetry as Preserved Communication

IV. The Homeric Encyclopedia

V. Epic as Record versus Epic as Narrative

VI. Hesiod on Poetry

VII. The Oral Sources of the Hellenic Intelligence*

VIII. The Homeric State of Mind

IX. The Psychology of the Poetic PErformance

X. The Content and Quality of the Poetised Statement


Part Two - The Necessity of Platonism

XI. Psyche or the Separation of the KNower from the Known

XII. The Recognition of the KNown as Object

XIII Poetry as Opinion

XIV. The Origin of the Theory of Forms

XV. The Supreme Music is Philosophy


*Made it to the end of here


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