Merleau-Ponty and Rorty

On this recent trip to North Carolina, I was able to tackle and finish two books. No notes to share, but outlines to spark my memory:

The World of Perception, Maurice Merleau-Ponty. (2004)

Chapter 1: The World of Perception and the World of Science

Chapter 2: Exploring the World of Perception: Space

Chapter 3: Exploring the World of Perception: Sensory Objects

Chapter 4: Exploring the World of Perception: Animal Life

Chapter 5: Man Seen from the Outside

Chapter 6: Art and the Wolrd of Perception

Chapter 7: Classical World, Modern World


Contingency, irony, and solidarity, Richard Rorty (1989)

Part 1: Contingency

Chapter 1: The contingency of language
Chapter 2: The contingency of selfhood
Chapter 3: The contingency of a liberal community

Part II: Ironism and Theory

Chapter 4: Private irony and liberal hope
Chapter 5: Self-creating and affiliation: Proust, Nietzsche, and Heidegger
Chapter 6: From ironist theory to private allusions: Derrida

Fart III: Cruelty and Solidarity

Chapter 7: The bardber of Kasbeam: Nabokov on cruelty
Chapter 8: The last intellectual in Europe: Orwell on cruelty
Chapter 9: Solidarity


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