New Pub: Educational Technology as a Subversive Activity

Just received a proof in the mail of this piece I wrote back in December 2011. It was my first attempt at connecting educational technology (as a field of research) with the adult learning theory of transformative learning. This is actually quite a special piece for me because it was used as my "writing sample" for my doctoral program. :)

Kruger-Ross, M. J. & Holcomb, Lori B. (2013). Educational Technology as a Subversive Activity: Questioning Assumptions Related to Teaching and Leading with Technology. Metropolitan Universities Journal 23(2), 129-141 (Special Issue on Web 2.0 Technologies).


The use of educational technologies is grounded in the assumptions of teachers, learners, and administrators. Assumptions are choices that structure our understandings and help us make meaning. Current advances in Web 2.0 and social media technologies challenge our assumptions about teaching and learning. The intersection of technology and education is subversive as it urges educators and learners to deconstruct and critically reflect on unexamined assumptions about learning.


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