Long Line: Brief Note

This post is part of a series of posts pulled from a piece of writing I completed in November 2012. For more information on this series, see this post.

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Brief Note

If I may make a point, I think it is worth making here, based on where I have come from thus far. There is an assumption I have been making that is primarily an epistemological one; more a laying down of epistemology rather than an entire assumption, but it still is worth acknowledging. Like Serres, I am most interested in what ideas can help me understand and therefore help others understand their day-to-day lives. Ideas can come from the natural sciences, human sciences, literature, lived experience, what not. So, for my thoughts on time I have to turn to resources that access my transformative learning training via Landmark Education. But, I am unashamedly integrating this knowledge into my work here.


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