Rorty's Consequences of Pragmatism



Introduction: Pragmatism and Philosophy

  1. The World Well Lost

  2. Keeping Philosophy Pure: An Essay on Wittgenstein

  3. Overcoming the Tradition: Heidegger and Dewey

  4. Professionalized Philosophy and Transcendentalist Culture

  5. Dewey's Metaphysics

  6. Philosophy as a Kind of Writing: An Essay on Derrida

  7. Is there a Problem about Fictional Discourse?*

  8. Nineteenth-Century Idealism and Twentieth-Century Textualism*

  9. Pragmatism, Relativism, and Irrationalism

  10. Cavell on Skepticism*

  11. Method, Social Science, and Social Hope

  12. Philosophy in America Today

*I did not read, just skimmed.


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