Grasping the Educational Impact of Assumptions about Technology

I drafted this proposal for the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society conference in June - and it was rejected. Whomp Whomp. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Here's the abstract, full doc available via Google doc.


Utilizing transformation theory (Mezirow, 2000) as a theoretical framework, I will present four perspectives toward a philosophy of technology (Feenberg, 1999; 2002). After describing the assumptions guiding each perspective, I will identify and discuss the implications for teaching and learning. I will then present preliminary empirical results from a case study of in-service educators’ assumptions about technology. The empirical findings mirror recent research of political officials’ thinking about technology (Brooks, 2011) as well as pre-service teachers’ perspectives on technology (Chen, 2011). The implications of the results suggest the need for further opportunities for in-service teachers to reflect critically on the intersection of education and technology.


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