In process and under review -- Ways of Being a Teacher: An Alternative to the Limits of Teacher Dispositions

I've just submitted (a few weeks ago) a draft of a chapter for a book on teacher dispositions titled: "Ways of Being a Teacher: An Alternative to the Limits of Teacher Dispositions" that's under review right now. Here's just the first paragraph, maybe I'll share more once I get some feedback on this first draft.


Introduction & Overview

In this chapter the language given by teaching dispositions is contrasted with an alternative way of speaking about teaching: ways of being a teacher. After a description of the context of the inquiry, a brief overview of the methodology of the researcher-bricoleur follows. Following, disposition is tentatively defined before determining the limits of dispositional language. Ways of being are then introduced and explored for boundaries as well. Two ways of being, teacher buy-in and fear towards technology, are developed and analyzed to identify the opportunities provided by ways of being to understanding the professional teacher. The chapter concludes with closing remarks and suggestions and implications for future inquiry.


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