My 3 Minute Thesis Feedback

A few days ago I shared my 3 Minute Thesis in this post. Just got feedback from the reviewers and thought I'd share:

Comprehension (Score/10) Did the presentation help the audience understand the research? Was the significance of the research conveyed?

Engagement (Score/10) Did the oration make the audience want to know more?

Communication Style (Score/10) Was the thesis topic communicated in language appropriate to the audience? Within 3 minutes? Did the slide enhance the presentation?

Total (Score/30)


Reviewer #1

Comprehension = 9/10
Engagement = 9/10
Communication = 9/10
TOTAL = 27/30

Constructive feedback: Excelled well paced and expressed interests and worth hearing.


Reviewer #2

Comprehension = 7.5/10
Engagement = 7.5/10
Communication = 7.5/10
TOTAL = 22.5/30

Constructive feedback: Consider using your narrative of "bad at math" student as an introduction to the difference between the being focus vs. knowing focus


Reviewer #3

Comprehension = 5/10
Engagement = 5/10
Communication = 6/10
TOTAL = 16/30

Constructive feedback: Little context provided for discussion of "being" and "knowing" -- some philosophical waymarks needed. Talk was rhetorically sophisticated, but left me unsure what your inquiry might lead to - and what would safeguard validity.


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