New book just published -- Social Media in Higher Education: Teaching in Web 2.0

Book was just released that contains a chapter I co-authored with Tricia Farwell. Links to the book and the chapter are below, with the abstract as well. For all means - if you want to read it - don't pay $40. Email me.

Book Title: Social Media in Higher Education: Teaching in Web 2.0
Direct Link to Book

Chapter Title: Risky Media: Using Subversive Technologies in Education to Question Assumptions about Power, Teaching, and Assessment

Abstract: This chapter seeks to critically examine and question common assumptions underpinning educators’ use and incorporation of technology in the classroom. Drawing upon transformative learning theory, the authors argue that incorporating technology in education cannot and should not be done without first questioning assumptions regarding power, teaching, and assessment. Technology is transforming education in expected ways, but can also transform education in unexpected, unexplored ways. Educators need to move beyond the quick fix of bulleted lists to explore the implications of technology in the classroom more fully.

Direct Link to Chapter


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