On Learning Outcomes at SFU

I'm supposed to be leading the charge on this conversation, but my other responsibilities have kept me from spending as much time working on this:

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At the most recent Education Graduate Student Association (EGSA) meeting a conversation was had about the ongoing struggle with how faculty members within the Faculty of Education are responding to and participating in the push for Learning Outcomes. Being that the topic of learning outcomes is central to who we are as educators, the EGSA would like to sponsor and facilitate a meeting to bring students (graduate and undergraduate) and faculty members together to gain clarity on the theoretical and practical implications of this initiative. The EGSA acknowledged that most of the dialogue surrounding Learning Outcomes seems to have remained at the administrative / faculty level while those who will be subject to the Learning Outcomes may not fully understand the implications for their learning. Therefore, the EGSA would like to (1) invite other graduate student associations to be aware of our intent and also (2) check the interest of other Faculties and possible participation in a dialogue for greater clarity on the implications of the Learning Outcomes for students.


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