Want to be a modern scholar? Get Mendeley.

I've been part of the advisory team for Mendeley for... gosh, a year now? And I'm sharing this mostly to quell the inner guilt I am feeling since I haven't done much to trumpet the advantages of Mendeley. I'm still surprised that most folks haven't heard of it - at my own university (Simon Fraser) - it is still not a common topic of conversation when other reference apps/add-ons get attention (Refworks, Endnote, whatever). [ See side-by-side comparison ]

But it should be. Here's why.

  1. Open source and free.

  2. App available for Mac, Windows, mobile devices, and web interface.

  3. Allows you to upload/input PDFs (and other formats) of articles, book chapters, etc. - and in most cases - is able to extract the pertinent bibliographic information from the document.

  4. Easily find papers by author, journal, or keyword - or any other way YOU want to organize your reference library.

  5. Easily share papers, notes, and annotations with colleagues with shared folders.

Features Overview

Mendeley is my one and only reference management tool. Sorry to all the others - but none meets my needs like Mendeley. Am happy to share more about this with anyone who is interested - it truly has become a foundation of my scholarship.


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