The philosophy of Donald Vandenberg

I put together a site devoted to Donald Vandenberg, a thought-provoking philosopher of education that most folks in education have never heard of. When I first came across his work I began searching the Internet and found little to nothing about him, his life, and his work. Therefore, these pages are for those interested in questions of being (ontology) and their implications for education via the guidance of Donald Vandenberg.

If you search (and search, and search), for "Donald Vandenberg" you'll most likely find this guy: Not our guy. If you're crafty, you'll find a couple of useful links in between the not-so-useful ones: His books on Amazon or some of his writings. Even if you search for him on Google Scholar, the Physics guy beats him out.

Thus, why I created this site. If you have more information that would be beneficial to share regarding Vandenberg's work, please contact me and let me know.

Access the site:


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