Recent and In Progress Work

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Reimagining Literacies in the Digital Age: Multimodal Strategies to Teach with Technology,
co-authored with Pauline Schmidt -

Edited Books

Kruger-Ross, M. (Ed.) (2020). Teaching Heidegger: On education, teaching and learning. Under review by Rowman & Littlefield’s New Heidegger Research series.

Book Chapters

Kruger-Ross, M. (in preparation). Fink, Heidegger, and the Play of Pedagogical Worlding. Book contract under negotiation.

Kruger-Ross, M. (2016). Approaching the ground of our assumptions about educational technologies. In L. Miller, D. Becker, & K. Becker (Eds.) Technology for Transformation: Perspectives of Hope in the Digital Age. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Journal Articles

Kruger-Ross, M. (under review). On the lived experience of truth: Co-responding to anti-intellectualism. Special Issue: Critical Questions in Education.

Kruger-Ross, M. (2018). Reclaiming our assumptions at the intersection of technology, learning and equity. Texas Education Review, 6(1), 39-46. doi:10.15781/T2MK65S1N Retrieved from

Kruger-Ross, M. (2017). Saying language: Heidegger on teaching, technology, and language. LOGOI, Special issue on Heidegger and Language. Retreived from:

Kruger-Ross, M. (2017). Re-imagining online teaching & learning: A cognitive tools approach. Invited blogpost on Retrieved from